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  • Módulo 1 - Introducción
  • ​Module 2 - Creating a Sales Funnel from A to Z (Part 1)
  • ​Module 3 - Creating a Sales Funnel from A to Z (Part 2)
  • Module 4 - Parameters to configure
  • Module 5 - Scheduling email campaigns
  • Module 6 - Configure the affiliate system for your products
  • Module 7 - Configure the affiliate system for other products
  • Module 8 - Advanced techniques
  • Module 9 - Conclusion
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David Michigan has a long history of online branding, consulting, and teaching entrepreneurship. He has been the undisputed master of the online marketing community since 2012 and has helped celebrities like Steve Savidan, authors like Frederic Fappani von Lothringen, and countless "normal people" around the world who use the Internet to consistently get customers.
David's first "internet hit" was a simple course that taught people how to gain a following. His self-published trainings on Using the Internet to Get Clients have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide ... all using the same approach you'll learn in this training.

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Frequent questions
Do I have instant access to all the content?

Yes of course! Once subscribed, you have instant access to all training and content. Once you've signed up, check your inbox for your personalized login details.

How do the videos and training courses work?

Subscription is an immersive online experience. The curriculum for each class includes videos that can be watched at any time and can be paused and watched as many times as desired. Also, you can view them not only on your computer, but also on your Android or Apple phone or tablet.
Can I get a refund for my training?
Due to many secrets to be revealed, refunds are not available for this program. If you are not serious, this training is not for you and you should focus on another area of ​​your life.
I am brand new. Will this work for me? 
100% yes, and that's great because you haven't developed bad habits yet. In fact, some of the hardest people to train for me are those who already have their systems and think there are things that need to be done.
What is the best way to get ROI?
Now is for those of you who think this is a great investment. The best and fastest way to get your ROI back, as several of my students have done, is to implement this for someone else, for another business owner, for someone else. contractor. This is highly specialized knowledge that many business owners need. Most people don't know how to do it. So one of the fastest ways to get your ROI is to be able to take what you learn here and apply it to a single customer. And that's how you get your money back quickly, not to mention they'll probably pay you a monthly fee for this service too. So this is the best way to get your return on investment.
I cannot afford to purchase the course at this time.
If you can't invest that amount right now in yourself, in your business to grow and scale, it's probably not for you. But at the same time, it is very likely that you need this program more than ever. So if you can't afford the expense right now to invest in yourself and your business, my answer would be to wait until you're ready and then go back to this page. But it is likely that we will be priced more expensively, as the formation is on sale for now.


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